Update January 5th, 2012: Since Dec 24th I have a new tracking mount for astrophotography - Astro Trac TT 320X. I have already did the first light with new equipment and it performed extremely well. It is tangential and super portable star tracking drive, ensuring +/- 5 arcsec of periodic error which works well for focal lengths up to 400mm and expositions up to 5 minutes if polar aligned precisely. It also has an autoguiding port, for guiding the system. I ordered this at Teleskop-Service, together with rock-solid Triton tripod and two heads, polarscope and battery holder.

Update October 4th, 2011: I have sold all the astronomy equipment listed below, except the Baader H-a filter and some minor accessories. I realized I have no time for serious astrophotography during the study. Probably I will buy the more portable mount in the near future, which I can pack up in the baggage when I go to the holidays (Australia is planned in February 2012).

Here is my list of equipment:

I have made several heaters, tube rings and adapters on my own. For daylight Imaging I use Canon 40D with several lenses:

Till 2009 I have made most of the astrophotographs from backyard of my house from Senovo, but the situation about the light pollution became so bad that now I mosly go to any of the hills here around. Ravni Log on Bohor is location of my choice, it's near and pretty good.